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Vivien GarberVivien Garber
19:27 16 Feb 24
I had an empowering free legal consultation with Michael Conts regarding my ongoing divorce. I highly recommend Michael Conts to anyone seeking legal counsel in divorce or family law. He was compassionate to my situation and demonstrated a remarkable level of expertise and insight to the complexities of my divorce proceedings. He throroughtly reviewed my case prior to our consultation so no time was wasted in the free consultation. He is incredible sharp and quickly grasped the nuances of my situation and provided possible outcomes of my divorce, outlining the next steps and processes involved. His clarity and precision in explaining the legal landscape gave me a solid understanding of what to expect moving forward. He provided me with valuable strategy advice and how to hold my attorney accountable for their actions. His guidance enabled me to effectively communicate with my current lawyer and assertively request the necessary actions, including pursuing a refund for missed opportunities like spousal support. Mr. Clonts has a keen understanding of jurisdictional differences, recognizing that I was in a different county from where he normal practices. Despite this, he provided invaluable advice on why staying with my current lawyer would be beneficial. He conducted a quick rundown of my asset resolution, managing my expectations. He provided guidance on mediation and final court hearing equipping me with the knowledge to navigate potential challenges ahead. His guidance provided clarity on legal intricacies of my divorce and instilled confidence in my ability to navigate the process effectively. Thanks Michael!
Lamise RasheedLamise Rasheed
00:12 07 Feb 24
Highly recommend
Chris MckeonChris Mckeon
23:07 06 Feb 24
nicole zbacniknicole zbacnik
23:00 06 Feb 24
Chelsea MartinChelsea Martin
22:56 06 Feb 24
Jonathon AbernathyJonathon Abernathy
22:53 06 Feb 24
Roger WilliamsRoger Williams
10:43 03 Feb 24
Owens & Perkins deserves every accolade for their exceptional family law services in Scottsdale, AZ. As a client, I found their expertise and commitment unparalleled. The attorneys at Owens & Perkins seamlessly blend legal prowess with a genuine concern for their clients' well-being. If you're in need of a family law attorney in Scottsdale, Owens & Perkins is the epitome of professionalism and reliability. Trust them to navigate your legal journey with precision.
Genevieve NorthGenevieve North
15:24 31 Jan 24
Michael is extremely knowledgeable and took time to properly guide me and keep me grounded. The entire staff has been professional and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Owen's & Perkins. They work well with other law firms and they are firm when necessary. I had such a great experience.
Hailey GarnerHailey Garner
16:42 24 Jan 24
They were super helpful with everything I needed.
Theresa RuscettiTheresa Ruscetti
16:31 24 Jan 24
Michelle and her team are the best they go over and beyond to assist their clients with all their needs. Best in the valley
mike smithmike smith
16:08 24 Jan 24
I have been a client of Owens and Perkins for 30 years. I would never go anywhere else! They have helped me and my family with all of our legal issues over the decades. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!! Having lawyers you can count on isn’t easy to find, it’s like striking gold in the desert!!!
Thomas BrownThomas Brown
22:12 22 Jan 24
Michelle is amazing. She is very patient, compassionate and does a great job of explains details in an easily digestible way.
Stephen ManroseStephen Manrose
20:20 05 Dec 23
I found members of this firm to be competent and thorough. Addressed all my concerns in a most professional manner. I specifically worked with Michelle Perkins in processing my late wife’s trust. She is intelligent as well as personable. Highly recommend Ms. Perkins and the entire firm.
Viki BryckViki Bryck
20:26 01 Dec 23
Michele was so great to work with. She helped us navigate renewing our wills and answered all our questions and made the process easy and uncomplicated. Thanks to all the friendly staff at Owens Perkins as well!
Clint WebsterClint Webster
15:05 27 Nov 23
We enlisted Patricia Lenzner from O&P to help my wife's family with a probate for my departed BIL. Had a hiccup in the beginning with the life insurance policy and who gets what (reason for 4 stars and not five), but after that, her and her team were stellar. Always available and willing to help through a troubling time.
Ernest LeeErnest Lee
02:19 11 Nov 23
I had to help an elderly relative through a divorce after her husband left her for another woman. She is hard of hearing and a little slow in her old age. She wanted an attorney that specializes in divorce. Attorney Clonts was so cordial, professional, ethical, and knowledgeable. Even the front desk attendant was so friendly.Attorney Clonts quickly analyzed the opposing attorney’s and court documents, interpreted them in simple easy-to-understand terms, and proposed a plan-of-action. He has a very kind demeanor, but also is quite eloquent. Attorney Clonts is very sharp and smart. He is passionate about truly helping his client. This is the attorney I would want if my life savings depended on it.
Charles W.Charles W.
16:28 09 Nov 23
Ok, let me be straight and to the point, Michelle is one bad a** attorney! She makes Harvey Specter look like a rookie. My ex came after me and my company for such an unreasonable amount, that when we went to Temp Orders Court and to Mediation, she was able to defend me in such a methodical and professional way that it made opposing counsel look like she brought a spoon to a gun fight! Michelle is smart and she cares. She’s not there to hurt your ex but rather show compassion by gently but directly showing the result of their bad decisions. She’s always 3-4 chess moves ahead of the other attorney, and she sees the whole board and how everything will play out.I wanted my ex to get enough so she was taken care of, but not to a point of hurting me. Michelle handily won, in my opinion, and although no one wins in a divorce, I certainly didn’t get raked over the coals like my ex’s attorney tried to do to me.I have already referred Michelle to two other friends and they think she is not just an incredible and savvy attorney, but she is kind and has the highest of integrity. She was able to negotiate a very amicable parenting plan for me and my children and did it with class and empathy.I interviewed 31 attorneys when my ex wanted to divorce. I’m an expert in hiring and it’s what I have done professionally for 30 years. I reduced it down from 31 to 5 attorneys and then 3rd round interviews with 2 attorneys, but truly she was my pick from the beginning. I’ve done more due diligence than probably anyone when seeking out the best divorce attorney in Maricopa County. You’re welcome! :)If you don’t choose her as your council, then you risk your ex hiring her and then you are going to lose. I tried to make this testimonial as straight shooting, so you don’t make a poor and uninformed decision.Michelle Perkins is your best decision to represent you and the needs of your children. I am so grateful for all her help through one of the toughest times of my life.
Emily FlemingEmily Fleming
22:48 26 Sep 23
I have used now two different lawyers from Owens and Perkins and have never been happier with the service they provide and the interpersonal connections they make with their clients are unmatched! If you are looking for a lawyer who truly sees you as a person and not a paycheck, I highly suggest Owens and Perkins!!
Paul BeckPaul Beck
17:32 15 Sep 23
Great service, very thorough, great follow-up, always good suggestions, complete legal advice which is very helpful. Highly recommend!
Henry BHenry B
20:58 17 Aug 23
I did some research prior to enlisting Owens & Perkins to assist in my divorce and saw good reviews. We met and I liked everything I heard, so I hired them. They operated in a very professional manner, were prompt and efficient, and ended up getting me a reasonable settlement in spite initial ridiculous claims coming from the other side. They enlightened me on several issues that were to my advantage and we were able to use those to leverage my ex-wife to a settlement absent several assets she was after. Michael Clonts in particular, was on top of the case and provided excellent counsel. He gets my highest recommendation.
Tim PalmerTim Palmer
14:55 14 Jul 23
It has been great working with Owens & Perkins. The attorney and staff are straight forward and genuine. They hold me accountable and seem to appreciate that I hold them accountable as well.
Noelle CowanNoelle Cowan
21:36 16 Jun 23
My recent divorce after almost 30 years of marriage was handled by Attorney Patricia Lenzner. This divorce was anything but routine and despite living 2,000 miles away, I felt like she was around the corner. This legal process was important to me and it was also important to her. Atty Lenzner was very knowledgeable and very timely with communication which was reassuring during an uncertain time. It was in my best interest to go to trial and she was professional, organized and respected by the judge. I would certainly recommend her and Jordan for any legal matter. My many thanks to both of them!
william benjaminwilliam benjamin
19:47 02 Jun 23
They worked so hard and proved every time ,that I am a.good father .and got me everything I need to enjoy my time with my son even during covid time they will not stop fighting four you and help protect your rights if I ever need a lawyer again itvwill be with theses guys top notch amazing group of people.Iam very impressed. Thank Owen's And Perkins you company is better than amazing.
James SenterJames Senter
18:44 09 Apr 23
Michelle is a brilliant litigator! She was able quickly ascertain the situation, create a game plan and move forward with a swift victory!! Thanks Michelle!
22:37 04 Apr 23
Michelle Perkins was very communicative, clear, and forthright setting expectations about the specific services I inquired about. Once hired, she continued to meet each expectation she set in a timely, organized, and efficient manner. 2 years after working together an important follow-up concern arose, and Michelle jumped right back in to help resolve it quickly.
Natalene BlakeNatalene Blake
19:23 28 Mar 23
Attorney Patricia Lenzner fought for me, always came thru when needed, is skilled, professional, and was able to highlight angles of law that applied to my case for me to come to a reasonable settlement without having to go to trial. A big THANK YOU to her and also to Jordan at the O&P office for all her help!!
Jacqueline MummertJacqueline Mummert
15:32 25 Mar 23
I highly recommend this firm due to the level of care I experienced. There was always a kind, friendly voice on the other end of the line no matter the time or day of the week. It really did feel like a small family. Billing was timely and very detailed. Any questions were addressed quickly. I also very much appreciated being checked in on after a tough trial. Owens & Perkins and Attorney Michael J. Clonts, Esq., made what could have been a very difficult, confusing and overwhelming time for me a much better and clearer experience and for that I am truly grateful to them.
Kayla BracyKayla Bracy
22:59 16 Feb 23
I cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with Michael Clonts and Janet on my case. Despite the frustration imposed by the other party and the courts, I always felt communicated with and supported by both of them. It’s thanks to them that my family was reunited. It’s thanks to them that I got back to some semblance of “normal”. Thank you Michael for making me feel like family and working so hard to get things straightened out. We really could not have done it without you.
21:08 16 Feb 23
Michelle has done a fantastic job working with our chosen family during a very difficult emotional and exhausting process. I would recommend her to any of my LGBTQ+ family and Friends as she has shown herself to be a true Ally!
21:02 16 Feb 23
Michelle perkins was an amazing help in my probate case. She was responsive and upfront. I am very appreciative of her and can't recommend her enough. She is LGBT friendly as well.
Cecily ScottCecily Scott
06:17 16 Feb 23
I do not recommend hiring Michael Clonts. I worked with him through a high profile divorce and I felt he was only interested in getting deals signed even if the deal is not in my best interest. He did not advise me or guide me in any way whatsoever. He did not request discovery or disclosure of any information from opposing party. He also takes too much time off so it is difficult to be in contact with him. I regret hiring him to work on my case and I am now working with a different attorney trying to undue and rectify the damage already done.
Courtney FriehCourtney Frieh
21:57 16 Nov 22
So many great things to say about Michelle and her law firm. She has helped two generations of our family make the right decisions when it comes to estate planning and financial advice. She is a true professional and a stellar attorney. She stays on top of everything and does it all with a great sense of humor. We had some complicated family and real estate issues and she guided us through everything. I am an attorney myself and I cannot recommend her enough! It is truly a pleasure working with her.
Renee McGeeRenee McGee
03:27 16 Nov 22
I am very pleased with my choice to hire Ms. Lenzner to help in my divorce proceedings. There were quite a few twist and turns in my particular case and Patricia was able to handle them all with ease. I especially liked the fact that Patricia values honesty and integrity over the typical lawyers tactics, unlike my husbands lawyer, for example. She remained ethical throughout the entire process and I would fully recommend her to anyone facing such a difficult time in their lives.
Jodi BracyJodi Bracy
17:03 15 Nov 22
I have used this law firm for 20+ years. Michelle Perkins is the best lawyer in the states. She has handled several cases for me over the years and the quality and professionalism cannot be matched by any other law firm. Not only does this amazing group of lawyers dedicate everything they have to there clients but Michelle herself is unstoppable in court. Her knowledge of the law is vast and her genuine personality makes any difficult situation a little less stressful. This lawyer’s office is top notch. If you want to ensure you get the best advice in the state reach out to Michelle Perkins law office, they are amazing.
Kaitlyn MageeKaitlyn Magee
20:03 11 Nov 22
Michael Clonts is the most amazing family lawyer I've ever had the opportunity to know and have represented me in my family case. He is organized, understanding, knowledgeable, and fair. He shows patience and dedication in and out of the courtroom. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a strong lawyer who cares.
I have used Owes and Perkins for my divorce. They did and exceptional and professional job handling every aspect of my divorce.I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. The entire staff is so friendly and always happy to assist you with your questions. I recently had a problem with an old divorce retrieving personal property and Trish was amazing and openly willing to help me out with my ex husband. I truly can’t thank her enough for her kindness.
Kim HausserKim Hausser
23:20 29 May 22
Imagine my delight at finding an attorney who is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and straightforward. Michelle Perkins actively listened to my sordid tale of being the executor of a sticky family estate issue and with kindness, much needed levity and sincerity she quickly clarified the role and guided me to a simple solution that other attorneys I had spoken to had not presented as a legal option.I am very happy I was convinced to contact one more attorney. From start (quick online form) to resolution, everyone I spoke to at Owens & Perkins was professional and personable. I would highly recommend.

5-Star Reviews Direct from Our Clients

I have always enthusiastically referred friends to O&P.

My family has known the office of Owens ans Perkins since 1990. They have always been there as we have needed for all issue where it comes to providing for your families future. I always look forward to any appointment I have with this firm because you know that what every the situation is they grasp it and understand it. No matter the situation they confer to you the feeling that all is well. They tell you what you need to do and put things in to action. If every you have a true family problem and you turn the situation over to O&P you will rest assured that all will turn out the best it can. They are always just a phone call away once you have established your relationship with them. You can always know things are under control. I have always enthusiastically referred friend to O&P. In every case they have all been satisfied and felt well represented or assisted.

Rob Hurd

Thank you sooo much O&P for all that you do!

Owens & Perkins has provided exceptional legal services to our family for at least 25 years: through estate planning and settlement, trust formations, LLC creations, separation and divorce. C.D. and Michelle have demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, honesty, knowledge, performance and trustworthiness. You can count on their genuine care and concern for providing the absolute best for their clients. Thank you sooo much O&P for all that you do!

Karen A

Honest, knowledgeable leader in the law

My experience with Owens and Perkins was a very hands on approach with leadership, guidance and mentorship provided by Michelle during my lengthy, complex and anxiety-ridden case. I was working with another Attorney at the firm, who was WONDERFUL, but it was always nice to know that Michelle, with her vast knowledge of the law and understanding of the extreme complexities and intricacies that arose in my case, she was always available, if I needed her. Michelle was a large part of my relationship with firm and I appreciated knowing that her experience was accessible to me, should the need arise. She was always down to earth and she advised without judgment, which was very important as I was a stay-at-home Mom leaving a 24 year marriage with very limited understanding of finances. Michelle and the firm made sure that I understood everything and I will be eternally grateful for the compassion, honesty and leadership Michelle provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Excellent / Top Notch

Michelle Perkins of OPLAW was initially recommended to me from a friend to help us with a tragic murder in our family. Michelle helped my family on the Capital Murder case by handling the civil aspect for the family. She directed her staff in finding and recovering life insurance polices as well as all the documents for closing an estate and conservatorship. She was very knowledgeable and made the process bearable by helping me thru the steps during a difficult time.. In the process she was instrumental in assisting the County Prosecutor’s office with questions requested on the Capital Murder case. Michele was a professional that I would and have recommended to all my friends. Her expertise and decisions helped my family financially that might have been otherwise overlooked by others. thank you


Rock Star

I have worked with Michelle on numerous different matters over the last twelve years both on the personal side and the business side. Michelle is thorough, super knowledgeable and has my best interest in mind at all times. She has proved to protect my interest and serve me extremely well over the years. I would recommend Michelle and her firm, Owens & Perkins to anyone looking for a rock star lawyer and a great firm.


Michael was beyond amazing.

I don’t even know where to begin with how much my family and I appreciate Michael and his team (especially Julia who never missed a beat in putting up with me!). We went to him to begin a termination case in February of 2019, he answered all of my questions and gave me some wonderful insight, and I decided I could proceed on my own. After a few attempts at not even getting a petition in the door, I turned to Michael again and he gladly took us on. I am by no means patient and stress and worry more than anyone I know and Michael and his team were always there regardless of the day or time to set me back on track reminding me the end goal was closer than it seemed. He always played devils advocate which sometimes drove me insane but on the flip side I always appreciated because it helped us build a stronger case. Michael is beyond amazing at what he does and truly has the client (and winning) in mind. I would highly recommend Michael and his team.


She is a great advocate and wonderful lawyer.

Michelle Perkins rocks!! I have had the pleasure (and it unusual to say dealing with lawyers is a pleasure) of using Michelle Perkins and Owens & Perkins as our lawyers for the past 15 plus years. I have used Michelle for wills and trusts, probate, real estate matters, powers of attorney and other miscellaneous matters and have never been disappointed. She is always clear on the best approach and gives you the best and worst case scenarios on each matter so that you can make informed decisions. I know that she will always do her best when representing me and has been reassuring during times of stress. Her knowledge and ability to clearly and concisely explain the law and its process allows me to better comprehend each situation. She is a great advocate and a wonderful lawyer. I have never been disappointed in an outcome and admire her integrity.


Thank you for getting my life back!

Life should never be taken for granted. At a very stressful time in mine Michelle helped me remain on my feet. Her legal advice and positive attitude were um-compromised when challenged. Having Michelle as my counsel made me believe something positive would come out of my terrible situation. Thank you Michelle for having my back!


Not your stereotypical lawyer

Michelle Perkins has represented me and several family members in numerous complex divorce, trust and estate matters over the last decade. Our matters required an intimate understanding of an ever-changing financial landscape that impacted many entities, and several family members. Michelle and the attorneys at Owens & Perkins counseled us with the utmost professionalism – negotiating with skill, and providing opposing counsel with the knowledge that Michelle and her team were never afraid to take our case to trial. Their expertise and guidance was invaluable. I highly recommend Michelle Perkins and the firm of Owens & Perkins.


The absolute best!

On a scale from 1 to 10, Michelle Perkins is an 11. She has been my attorney since 2005 and has handled several types of legal matters for me. From Legal Seperation, Divorce, family trust, to a very complicated law suit, Michelle has handled it all and the outcome was always favorable. Her knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. But what impressed me the most is that she REALLY CARES, she is a good listener, detail oriented, has and amazing legal team, and so she gives her all. I always felt that I was in good hands with Michelle Perkins. All of my legal issues were challenging, and very complicated but Michelle Perkins was there for me every step, she did her absolute best, and the results were always in my favor. She is in my opinion the absolute best attorney in phoenix. You will not be disappointed using her or anyone that works for her.


Very Knowledgeable Attorney

Living on the East coast and unfamiliar with Arizona law we needed to speak with an attorney regarding a family member residing in Arizona who is going through divorce proceedings. Michelle Perkins closely listened to the details and our concerns in this matter and was extremely helpful in providing us with legal guidance and procedural direction. Even though she is not in close proximity to our relative she was none-the-less giving of her time and attention. Our most sincere thanks to Michelle for her time and sharing her insight, expertise and providing us with direction in this very difficult time. She is an excellent choice!

John & Norene

Professional, Helpful, Knowledgeable

Divorce is a difficult event, both financially and emotional. I can’t say enough about my experience with Owens and Perkins. From my initial meet with C.D Owens I had a level of comfort and confidence. This continued with Max Hanson, the attorney representing me. Max was honest, detail oriented and attentive. Despite my ex wife’s attorney’s unwillingness to settle Max and team worked to achieve a fair settlement. I would recommend Max and team.


Michelle is a great attorney!

Not only did Michelle represent me during a rather contentious divorce, she developed my Estate planning/will. Michelle was recommended to me by a friend and I have since recommended her to friends and family members, who have also been represented by Michelle. Michelle is very compassionate, professional and aggressive attorney.



I came to attorney Michelle Perkins for legal advise. Michelle is extremely experienced, patient and knowledgeable. She made me feel confident and at ease during a turbulent time in my life. Attorney Perkins went above and beyond what I looked for in an attorney.


Experienced and Professional

Attorney Michelle Perkins is a true professional with years of experience and a impressive background in family law. During my initial consultation Attorney Perking quickly reviewed my case and presented a solution to resolve my case that would be in my best intrest. It’s easy to see why Attorney Michelle Perkins is rated as a Top Ten Attorney in Family Law. Thank you again.

Nutsarin,Phoenix, AZ

I wish there was more that I could do to express my gratitude.

I just wanted to thank you again for your help in the mediation. This has been a very stressful situation for us over the past year, but the conclusion of the claim and your handling of the mediation really put things at ease for us, and will finally allow our friend’s passing to be peaceful. I wish there was more that I could do to express my gratitude for the service that you provided, and I truly hope that you know that how much your generosity in your Pro team work does for the community.


Fighting for me since Day 1

I am extremely grateful that I chose CD Owens as my attorney, Mr. Owens has been fighting for me since Day 1, and I have been very happy with everything he has done. Thank you!

Scottsdale, AZ

Personable, yet direct with clear and effective communication

After 17 years of marriage, we had accumulated assets and had ownership in a successful small business and numerous other mutual holdings and interests. While our children are adults, our agreement did involve spousal maintenance. The point being, it was complicated and there was plenty to ‘fight over’. But we were not “at war”! And if you are reading this in the early stages of a divorce, I implore you, go to a paintball course, but don’t use a divorce proceeding as a means to inflict pain for the hurt you feel! The ricochet will hurt you too!!! What impressed me first with Michelle was rather than jumping-in and saying “here’s how it is”, she took the time to understand me, my tone, and my objectives. She ensured the issues were clearly understood and made sure the agreement was fair. She also recognizes that an amicable solution requires negotiation and give-and-take, by both parties. In many ways, I found Michelle to be a facilitator. She has many years of experience and has seen structures and agreements that work, and those that don’t, and was able to provide suggestions throughout the process for me to consider. Perhaps our biggest challenge was not reaching agreement, but the Agreement itself. It was complicated legal document. Michelle took our agreement in principle and crafted a sound legal document that can be clearly interpreted and enforced. A poorly written agreement is detrimental to both parties! Michelle enlisted independent support from other attorneys in her office who were unfamiliar with our case to ensure the Agreement was unambiguous without further explanation. And despite multiple iterations Michelle never demonstrated frustration or irritation. Lastly, I found Michelle to be personable, yet direct. She communicates clearly and effectively, and always maintained the highest standard of professionalism. Thanks to Michelle, we did not destroy ourselves or each other, and we remain great friends! With heartfelt gratitude for helping me through a very difficult process, I highly recommend Michelle Perkins.


The Best Lawyer in Arizona

Michelle is bright, knowledgeable and passionate. She has represented me in various capacities for 15 years and have felt confident that she, and her firm, know what to do and how to do it. She explains what is usually a very complicated law system into laymen terms that is easy to understand. And she wins when they are hired to represent you.


You are a true professional.

Thank you Michelle for spending time with me to discuss a very unusual situation. You knew exactly who to call and what to do to simplify this very confusing situation. You are a true professional and were very forthright and how to handle it. I had a very awesome experience dealing with you and would recommend you to my closest friends. Thanks again for your consultation and willingness to help me out .

Scottsdale, AZ