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Carol MillerCarol Miller
14:12 25 May 24
The firm is amazing. Michelle and her team really care about the clients that they help. I had a very stressful and challenging situation to deal with. Michelle took the time to understand it and gave me great advice and counsel all along the way. Her team was right on top of the details and they did it all with a personal touch that was authentic. Even when my business was over with them, they checked in a few times to make sure there wasn’t anything else that I needed which I really appreciated.
chris crowleychris crowley
18:02 23 May 24
These people in the firm are the most honest,helpful,and kind attorneys we have ever employed. We have been with them for over 40 years. Would recommend to all.
Kathy PassageKathy Passage
23:16 22 May 24
The attorneys were so helpful and gave me detailed information to help me understand the differences between a will and a trust. A simple conversation about how the process of setting up a trust for my special needs son may better serve our situation.
Mick HirkoMick Hirko
22:04 22 May 24
I have been a client of Owens and Perkins since I started my business over 30 years ago. There were legal and business issues that I would have never been able to resolve without their help over the years, and I am eternally grateful for the professional services, friendship and mutual trust - all qualities that are hard to find these days.
William GiguiereWilliam Giguiere
21:32 22 May 24
Very productive, professional, and friendly. Very much recommend this Law Firm. 😃
alessandro Cunatalessandro Cunat
05:33 22 May 24
I recommend the law firm Owens and Perkins. Michelle Perkins provided reliable legal advice and clear direction to our complicated problem. Appreciate her taking the time to help us during a difficult time.
Maria C. EscobarMaria C. Escobar
20:46 21 May 24
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle Perkins as she excelled in clear and prompt communication, demonstrated exceptional professionalism, and provided honest and timely legal advice. I highly recommend Michelle Perkins for her excellent work!
Md dMd d
18:27 21 May 24
Owens and Perkins is truly the best law firm in Arizona.I first met Michelle Perkins in 2008 when I was seeking to get a legal separation from my husband. Since then I have used the firm for a variety of legal issues including a very complicated law suit.Michelle Perkins, Max Hanson, and the entire staff have been extremely helpful, supportive, caring, honest, informative, diligent in resolving issues, always looking out for my best interest......this firm is more than amazing!!!Michelle Perkins treated me like family. She was never too busy for me and always took the time to explain in detail every legal step and option. I always received the best legal advice no matter what type of legal issue I was battling. Michelle Perkins and Max Hanson fought for me and the end result was always in my favor. They are truly a blessing.Words cannot express the tremendous amount of gratitude I have for the entire staff's hard work on my behalf.USE THIS will not be disappointed.
Don PahlDon Pahl
03:06 19 May 24
They were very friendly, great at explaining everything, and great at advising me and leading me where I needed to get to.
Rick WhitneyRick Whitney
18:44 17 May 24
nice people easy to work with very helpful and kept me updated on all of the details of my case. thank you
Justin RihsJustin Rihs
22:51 03 May 24
Michael Clonts and the Team at Owens Perkins were quick and efficient when dealing with my ex spouse who had filed a motion. Micheal quickly stepped in to make sure That our Parental Agreement was adhered and reenforced with the family court.Thanks Michael!
Sara WatermanSara Waterman
20:27 09 Apr 24
Slow clap! Excellent communication, and of course results!
Scott HaslockScott Haslock
18:10 22 Mar 24
Max Hason did an outstanding job for me and regularly went above and beyond to resolve my case.
Michael DabrowskiMichael Dabrowski
00:57 21 Mar 24
Michelle Perkins and her staff were top notch in helping me through my divorce process. Could not have chosen a better firm to represent me in my case.
Steve FischerSteve Fischer
23:38 18 Mar 24
Patricia Lenzer represented me and I appreciated her professionalism and calmness. She was prepared for the worst but lucky for me it didn’t turn out to be as bad as I had feared. I would totally use Owens and Perkins again.
04:11 11 Mar 24
In my opinion… look around for a better fit if you want results vs a transactional firm!A little back story… I agreed to settle my divorce because nothing in the first 3-4 months was being done in my favor. This was agreed upon in December (2023) with the expectations that it would be done then as I was starting a new job in January (2024) and would not be available during business hours for 6 months. Of course, it didn’t finish and yes… frustration kicks in, I began to be vocal and straight forward with them… apparently it was something they couldn’t handle. I’ve included the verbiage below used when they decided to withdraw before finishing the case but not after collecting about 18k. I’ve had more options with the defense attorney in the last week than I did with this firm.One star for their billing system though!* You’ve made it clear that you do not trust me or the legal system and that you feel both have failed you. Neither me nor the managing partner can connect with you to discuss this to find out where things went sideways. It’s frustrating because it appeared that we had a good working relationship up until then. At this point I think it’s best that we withdraw. The main items remaining in your matter are selling the house and signing the final documents. See attached and I will be sending you an electronic signature page for you to sign consenting to the withdrawal. *
Vivien GarberVivien Garber
19:27 16 Feb 24
I had an empowering free legal consultation with Michael Conts regarding my ongoing divorce. I highly recommend Michael Conts to anyone seeking legal counsel in divorce or family law. He was compassionate to my situation and demonstrated a remarkable level of expertise and insight to the complexities of my divorce proceedings. He throroughtly reviewed my case prior to our consultation so no time was wasted in the free consultation. He is incredible sharp and quickly grasped the nuances of my situation and provided possible outcomes of my divorce, outlining the next steps and processes involved. His clarity and precision in explaining the legal landscape gave me a solid understanding of what to expect moving forward. He provided me with valuable strategy advice and how to hold my attorney accountable for their actions. His guidance enabled me to effectively communicate with my current lawyer and assertively request the necessary actions, including pursuing a refund for missed opportunities like spousal support. Mr. Clonts has a keen understanding of jurisdictional differences, recognizing that I was in a different county from where he normal practices. Despite this, he provided invaluable advice on why staying with my current lawyer would be beneficial. He conducted a quick rundown of my asset resolution, managing my expectations. He provided guidance on mediation and final court hearing equipping me with the knowledge to navigate potential challenges ahead. His guidance provided clarity on legal intricacies of my divorce and instilled confidence in my ability to navigate the process effectively. Thanks Michael!
Lamise RasheedLamise Rasheed
00:12 07 Feb 24
Highly recommend
Chris MckeonChris Mckeon
23:07 06 Feb 24
nicole zbacniknicole zbacnik
23:00 06 Feb 24

5-Star Reviews Direct from Our Clients

10000% satisfied

This is an extraordinary law office. They were very helpful with my case, I was always informed of what was going on and everyone in the office was so polite and very helpful with my whole case. I’m 10000% satisfied with everybody and everything.


Feb 17, 2023

First-class legal talent.

Owens & Perkins has a straightforward approach and it was comforting. Their ability to devise creative strategies to complicated legal problems is to be rivaled. First-class legal talent.

Jackie M.

Feb 17, 2023

Owens & Perkins is the best law firm in the world – they always go the extra mile to protect you!

Owens & Perkins is the best law firm in the world! The lawyers are amazing people that go the extra mile to protect you. They have protected me for over 20 years and I am so very grateful for everything they have done.

Melissa H.

Feb 17, 2023

I am so grateful to have had this team working on my case.

I highly recommend Owens & Perkins Law Firm! I found their services to be super efficient. Everyone I interacted with was professional, diligent, friendly and understanding. I am so grateful to have had this team working on my case.


Feb 17, 2023

Ms. Perkins rocks as an attorney!

I trust and look up to Ms. Perkins. She rocks as an attorney as well as her amazing firm in representing my family in every situation over the years. She is a no nonsense woman and will tell you like it is. I always appreciate her time and input.

Scottdale, AZ

Feb 17, 2023

A Genius Attorney for High Complex Litigations

I had the privilege of working with Attorney Max Hanson during my divorce proceedings, which took place in Arizona while I reside in Lebanon with my three children. From the very beginning, Max demonstrated an exceptional ability to grasp the differences in the judicial systems and legal processes between the two countries. His knowledge of the laws and his dedication to continuously researching and expanding his understanding about the Lebanese laws, truly stood out, and we WON the children custody. Max’s ability to effectively communicate with the Lebanese witnesses, attorneys, and public notaries who were involved in my case, was impressive. Max was able to work with them, despite the international differences and constraints that were arising in my situation. His articulate communication skills and tactics played a crucial role in navigating throughout the case constraints, with high precision. Through his expertise and understanding of the laws and legal aspects, Max remarkably managed the unique complexities and was successfully conveying and explaining to the Judge, the nuances that were specific to my case. Throughout the divorce, Max showed exceptional persistence and dedication in safeguarding my interests; through the numerous obstacles that were arising by my ex-spouse and his high estates, lack of disclosures and complicated financial resources. Despite encountering significant challenges; obstruction of discovery, funds and assets concealment, undervaluation of marital home, distorted financial disclosure, taxes, and claims of sole and separate ownership, Max showed a profound understanding of these complicated financial matters and succeeded in unveiling the financial family web. Max meticulously collaborated with the forensic accountant, and skillfully exposed the inconsistencies, deceitful acts, and the attempts to obscure the true extent of my ex-spouse’s income and assets. Max and the forensic accountant were able to make compelling arguments and present irrefutable evidences. Their collaborative efforts paved the way for a robust defense that proved my rights and ensured that the true nature of the marital estate was accurately portrayed to the Judge at Trial and considered in the proceedings. Max is an attorney who possesses a range of qualities that set him apart and make him exceptional. He is patient, calm, and uses strategic tactics necessary to achieve success. Max has a unique ability and expertise that enables him to handle complicated and complex cases. He is honest in providing his transparent advice and never sugarcoats the reality. Additionally, Max’s calm nature and excessive preparation, allows him to navigate steadily through high-pressure situations, with high confidence and assurance. He is compassionate and understand the importance of addressing your concerns, ensures that you feel supported and very well informed throughout the legal process and during the Trial. Furthermore, Max is proactive, punctual, and never misses deadlines, ensuring that no opportunity is missed. He is meticulously attentive to details, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to gathering evidence and in building a strong case. With Max by your side, you can trust that you have a reliable and trustworthy advocate fighting rigorously and fiercely for your rights. He is dedicated to your success and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


May 16, 2024

I would suggest Mr. Clonts for any family matter case hands down.

We had a relocation case involving children, BM and I currently reside in AZ and we are seeking to relocate. All documents were prepared and presented to the court. The court granted relocation and adopted the pretrial statement that Micheal Clonts prepared. It went really smooth, the entire process was great working with him and the OP law firm. I would suggest Mr. Clonts for any family matter case hands down. This is the second case he has helped me with and it is always 100% from him.


Feb 17, 2023

Patricia Lenzner is an excellent lawyer.

I retained Patricia Lenzner to handle my divorce. It was a difficult case and she handled it professionally. She has excellent communication skills and is extremely thorough. She always has your best interests at heart and will fight very hard for you. I am very pleased with the outcome. Not only is Patricia a great lawyer but a great person too.


Feb 17, 2023

Michelle Perkins was wonderful.

Michelle Perkins was wonderful. She gave sound advice, kept me level headed, listened to me, and even injected humor into my situation. I highly recommend her.


Feb 17, 2023

They valued my input and kept me informed on the process, and helped me through my darkest hours.

I can’t thank Max Hanson and the team at Owens & Perkins enough. They handled my divorce in a very professional and compassionate manner. They valued my input and kept me informed on the process, and helped me through my darkest hours. Thank you, Max and team, I know I was a very demanding client and you handled my case with white-glove service and compassion!


Feb 17, 2023

Her level of professionalism and integrity are hard to come by in the legal profession today.

Michelle was a BLESSING to have by my side throughout my divorce process. She was able to diffuse several potentially disastrous situations with my ex, with her calm and understanding demeanor. Her level of professionalism and integrity are hard to come by in the legal profession today. Thank you, Michelle, for getting me through the hardest time in my life.


Feb 17, 2023

If we were not able to reach an agreement in mediation I would have immediately hired Max as my attorney.

Even though my ex-husband and I used mediation, Max Hanson’s counsel was invaluable in negotiating my divorce agreement. I got the spousal support amount that I asked for, based on Max’s recommendation. Max had advised me to stand firm on that number. Once the mediator broke the number down for my ex-husband, he saw that the amount, again based on Max’s recommendation, was reasonable and equitable. Because of Max, I was able to enter into those negotiations knowledgeable, prepared, and informed. After being advised by Max, I was able to evaluate my options and make my decisions prior to entering the negotiations. If we were not able to reach an agreement in mediation I would have immediately hired Max as my attorney. I would highly recommend Max to anyone looking for legal representation.


Feb 17, 2023

You are absolutely the best, top-notch all the way!

Michelle Perkins is an AMAZING attorney, she listens and is very thorough and detail-oriented. That is very difficult to find these days. And, Michelle will hang in there until the end, unlike anyone else. Thank you for everything you did for me and my mother, we can’t THANK YOU enough!!! You are absolutely the best, top-notch all the way!


Feb 17, 2023

Michelle is a great person who cares.

Michelle is not just a great attorney, she is also a great person who cares.


Feb 17, 2023

I had a very good and informative meeting with Michelle.

I had a very good and informative meeting with Michelle. She asked the right questions and presented me with several options for my situation. I have great confidence in her.


Feb 17, 2023

I will be forever grateful to Owens and Perkins Law Firm for their amazing legal expertise.

The lawyers at Owens and Perkins Law Firm are outstanding!!! Michelle Perkins is an amazing attorney that represented me through my divorce, my estate and trust, and my amended trust. I am in awe when I witness the exceptional talents they all possess as they continue to represent me in extremely important legal matters. The entire staff at Owens and Perkins Law Firm are a team that has an exceptional legal background and are relentless when they represent you in one of the most important times of your life. I will be forever grateful to Owens and Perkins Law Firm for their amazing legal expertise. I will highly recommend Owens and Perkins Law Firm to everyone!!!


Feb 17, 2023

Michael went above and beyond.

Very patient and understanding of my kids and I’s needs. Michael went above and beyond to make sure we got the outcome we hoped for. The staff and paralegals were nothing but amazing as well.


Feb 17, 2023

Michelle is a great asset to have on your side.

Michelle and company helped me out with an extremely, but unnecessarily, difficult scenario around spousal support. I could not have been more pleased with the level of support and professionalism provided throughout that process. Clear and consistent communications were always there and I was always kept informed about the status and my options at any point. I felt supported, engaged, and enabled to tackle whatever decision was at hand. Michelle is a great asset to have on your side. I highly recommend her and her team.


Feb 17, 2023

I would HIGHLY recommend Owens and Perkins to anyone wanting to set up their estate plan.

I had a great experience having my estate plan done at Owens and Perkins, they answered all of my questions and everything was done very efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend Owens and Perkins to anyone wanting to set up their estate plan. 5 stars plus!!!


Feb 17, 2023

Divorce is so difficult to navigate yet Michael and his team took the best care of me from day one.

I am so grateful for Mr. Michael J Clonts. Divorce is so difficult to navigate yet Michael and his team took the best care of me from day one. I can not say enough good things about Owens & Perkins. Thank you again!


Feb 17, 2023