Annual Accounting

Annual Accounting

Annual Accounting of Conservator or Personal Representative

Annual Probate AccountingIf you’ve been appointed as the Conservator for a minor or an incapacitated adult or as the Personal Representative of a deceased person’s estate, you must account to the Court each year. In the Accounting, the Court will require an initial inventory, a list of income received, a list of expenses, gains and losses for the estate assets and a final inventory of the Estate for each twelve month period.

The Annual Accounting must be provided to the Court Accountant, together with the appropriate fee. The Court Accountant will review the Annual Accounting and issue a Report and Recommendation.

The Report and Recommendation will either recommend that the Court approve the Accounting or list the things that are missing or incorrect. If there are things missing or incorrect, the Conservator or Personal Representative must correct those items and resubmit the Annual Accounting to the Court Accountant. The Court will not approve the Accounting until all omissions and/or corrections are made.

If the Court Accountant recommends approving the Annual Accounting, a hearing will be set and the Conservator or Personal Representative must give notice of that hearing to the appropriate persons. Additionally, the issue of the Conservator’s or Personal Representative’s bond must be addressed each year in the Annual Accounting process.