September 2016 – DUI checkpoints

DUI checkpoints surrounding the holidays are rather routine these days. A list of the checkpoints is actually released and made public in advance of holidays such as the upcoming Labor Day weekend. They can typically be found in the newspaper or on numerous sites on the internet. Check us out on Facebook and Google+ tomorrow for a list of DUI checkpoints.

Throughout the month of September, I will be doing a series of five blogs focusing on DUIs. In the meantime, here are a few general pointers to know in the event that you are stopped. They are not all “legal” points.

  • First and foremost, DO NOT drink and drive. Pretty obvious, but something that needs to be said. Call for a cab or Uber/Lyft instead.
  • DO NOT have an attitude or get smart with the cops. That alone should (and will in most cases) allow you to be quickly questioned, tested and released to be on your way – with or without a ticket. DO NOT refuse to take the blood test (unless this is your second or third or more DUI). Just be cool as you will have plenty of time to get a lawyer if you need one and be able to examine the circumstances of the stop and the testing itself. If you refuse to take the breath or blood test, your license can be automatically suspended for a year, regardless of whether the charges ultimately stick or not.
  • Finally, please DO NOT drink and then try to drive with minor children in the car or with a suspended license. That can be charged as a felony and could cost you four months in the state penitentiary at Florence, along with losing your right to vote and own a gun.

Have a wonderful time celebrating the Labor Day weekend this year and if you are going to go out, have a designated driver, hire a car service or call for a taxi. It’s a lot cheaper than paying DUI fines and attorneys’ fees.

If you do become a statistic by getting arrested for drinking and driving, call us at (480) 630-2464 for a free 30-minute consultation.