March 2022 – 55 Years in Business

Owens & Perkins Celebrates 55 Years in Business

In 2022 the firm is celebrating a huge milestone: 55 years in business!  55 years is a long time.  Over the years we’ve represented thousands of clients in a wide range of legal matters, building lasting relationships that span generations.  While 55 years of legal practice has certainly built a deep well of knowledge and experience, it has also built an incredible community of clients and colleagues.

Many clients who worked with C.D. Owens throughout his legal career have since referred their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, who now have meaningful working relationships with C.D.’s granddaughter, our managing partner, Michelle Perkins.  We really are Generations Representing Generations.

Our History

C.D. Owens was sworn into the State Bar of Oklahoma in 1949 and began his legal career in 1950 for the Sinclair Oil Company. By 1959, C.D. had accepted a management position with Sinclair in their New York offices. After eight years of management in New York City, C.D. packed up his family and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 1967, Michelle Perkins, the current Managing Partner of Owens & Perkins, was celebrating her first birthday on the exact day C.D. was sworn in to practice as a licensed Attorney in Arizona. The firm C.D. started in Scottsdale grew and grew, and in 1994, Michelle received her Juris Doctorate from ASU and began her legal career as a solo practitioner. Two years later, she joined C.D. to form Owens & Perkins.

Michelle Perkins and C.D. Owens standing in an office

After an extraordinary 68-year legal career, C.D. retired in 2017.  Michelle and C.D. worked side-by-side for 23 years and she’s often said that the time working together was the most amazing partnership she could have ever hoped for– that it was truly magical!  It really is true that family is at the root of everything we do here at Owens & Perkins.

C.D. Owens turns 99

Although C.D. Owens retired from practicing law nearly five years ago, our team still has the wonderful privilege of seeing him in the office each day.  In March, 2022 we will celebrate his 99th birthday!  He is a living, breathing miracle and we’re so lucky to have him.

Throughout his long and successful career C.D. was recognized with dozens of well-deserved accolades and recognitions for his contributions to the legal community.  The three pictured recognize 50 years of practicing law in Arizona, 70 years practicing in Oklahoma, and a Proclamation of August 14, 2009 as C.D. Owens Day from the Mayor of Scottsdale!


Looking to the Future

Owens & Perkins has always been all about family.  The firm is not only family-owned and operated, but our approach to practicing the law is centered on building better futures for our clients and their families.

From the beginning, when C.D. opened the firm in 1967, to now, 55 years later with Michelle Perkins at the helm, our team has worked tirelessly to represent our clients to the very best of our abilities:  with honesty and hard work, alongside a team of highly-skilled and deeply-caring attorneys, paralegals, and staff members.

While most of our clients are facing major life changes and making big decisions, it has always been our goal to emphasize the importance of having a future-oriented mindset.  During the early stages of working with a new client, we ask them about their goals – “What do you want? What does your future look like?” so we can help them get there.

Whether they’re going through a complex family law matter or simply preparing an estate plan, this future-oriented approach has proven, time and time again, to guide our clients toward a better future for their families.  With a long, 55-year firm history, we’ve had the extraordinary privilege of meeting and working with those future generations that were positively impacted by our team in past decades.  How lucky are we??

Celebrating 55 years of…

  • Thoughtful, honest, and results-oriented legal representation
  • Building lasting client relationships that continue with each generation
  • Creating meaningful connections in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro legal community
  • Giving back to our local community

It has been an honor to be a part of and serve tour local community for the last 55 years.  Our team looks forward to many more years of dedicated service, continuing our existing relationships with our wonderful clients and their families, and building new relationships with future clients and their families.

Thank you for being a part of our history and our future!  We appreciate you!


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