Newsletter 2016 – What are we thankful for?

As we approach the holidays, we pause to ask ourselves “what are we thankful for?” In answering this question, I believe I am actually expressing the views of all the members of the firm because we work as a team and treat each other like our own special family.

In recent years, we’ve received awards for being among the top best businesses in the state in which to work. We work well together and use those attributes to volunteer for charitable events throughout the community. Earlier this year we put together shoeboxes full of toiletries, bottled water and socks and delivered them to Shoebox Ministries to be distributed to the homeless. We also collected donations, turkeys and food items at Thanksgiving for St. Mary’s Food Bank. Last week, we volunteered for Feed My Starving Children putting together food packs which were being sent to the Philippines. The staff here also bring members of their own families to participate in these activities and are encouraged to do so. We all work hard together, but we also play well together and enjoy each other’s company as members of our own special family.

So, it’s the comradery we have in doing our jobs well in representing our clients for which we are most thankful. I started this firm almost 50 years ago (1967). My granddaughter, Michelle Perkins, joined me in 1996. This firm is composed of a bunch of hard working colleagues and friends. We could not be as successful as we are unless that were true. It is the foundation of our lives of service and we are thankful for this.

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