May 2013 – DUIs and watercraft

Many people are aware of the “You drink, You drive, and You lose” mentality in Arizona regarding DUIs as advertised on television and billboards throughout the state. However, less people understand that these same ramifications and penalties for DUIs also apply in large part to drinking and operating a boat, jet-ski or other watercraft on the lakes, rivers and waterways in our great state. In other words, if you are caught operating a boat while intoxicated (“OUI”) in Arizona, you can expect the same harsh penalties as you would for a DUI. In a state where people love their time out on the lake or river during the hot summer months, this is important information to know.

Both DUIs and OUIs are normally charged as class one misdemeanor criminal offenses which can carry maximum penalties of up to six months in jail and up to $2,500 in fines not including other related assessments and fees. At this time, even for a first time offender for OUI or DUI, Arizona requires mandatory jail time ranging from 24 hours all the way up to 45 days depending on the level of intoxication and circumstances involved. Of course, the financial consequences from an OUI or DUI can be severe with fines, fees and assessments ranging from $1,800 to over $8,000 upon conviction.


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