March 2020 – Divorce and Social Media

Online communication via social media and email has become an integral part of our society, having made it far more convenient to communicate on a global level. The ability to communicate instantaneously and publicly brings both ease and complications to our lives. If a divorce is in your imminent future, there are some important considerations to make when it comes to your online communications.

Divorce is typically a very emotionally charged time in someone’s life, which can make internet communication a delicate territory. The manner with which you interact with others online can have serious implications on your divorce case, and navigating these complicated issues can be tricky. Many of our clients ask questions regarding online communications, particularly wondering whether they should use social media during their divorce, whether social media posts can be used as evidence, or how to maintain privacy and cyber security throughout the duration of their cases.

Our March blog series will provide some helpful information and tips to for communicating appropriately online during a divorce.


  • Divorce and Social Media Privacy
  • Email Communication During Divorce
  • Social Media and Evidence in Divorce
  • Guidelines for Social Media Use and Communication During Divorce

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