June 2022 – Prenuptial Agreements

Legal Briefs

New Tennessee bill requires drunk drivers to pay child support


In April, Tennessee lawmakers unanimously passed House Bill 1834, requiring convicted drunk drivers to pay child support for the children of victims of fatal drunk driving accidents. The bill was brought to lawmakers after a Chattanooga police officer, Nicholas Galinger, was killed in a hit-and-run drunk driving accident in 2019.

Will similar laws be passed in other states? Only time will tell, but one can speculate that we’ll see lawmakers throughout the country begin to make similar attempts to offer assistance to the children of victims of drunk driving accidents.

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In the News

Juneteenth Now a Federal and City of Phoenix Holiday

On February 2, 2022, Phoenix officially marked June 19th as the official city holiday of “Juneteenth.” This decision follows the 2021 action of President Biden recognizing it as a federal holiday. As such, most city and federal employees will have Juneteenth as a paid day off.


Phoenix will be holding its own Juneteenth celebration at Eastlake Park on Saturday, June 18. The holiday will be observed Monday, June 20. Banks and the Post Office will be closed.

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Juneteenth Celebration in Phoenix

Community Outreach


Feed My Starving Children

Last month some of our team members and their families volunteered with Feed My Starving Children, an organization that provides meals to schools, orphanages, clinics, and feeding programs across the globe.  O&P helped specifically with packing meal kits that will be distributed to communities in need, which will actively fight world hunger and help to break the poverty cycle.

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Practice Area Spotlight

Prenuptial Agreements

Many engaged couples choose to sign a Prenuptial Agreement (“Prenup”) before they wed as it’s an excellent way to protect any of their respective assets owned prior to marriage, as well as income and assets acquired during the marriage, in the event of a divorce. While no couple enters marriage with the intent to divorce, statistics show that nearly 50% of marriages end that way.

A prenup is like great insurance: hopefully you’ll never need it, but in case you do, it can be life-saving. Our blogs contain all the information you need to know about prenups: what they are, who needs one, and how to ensure your prenup is enforceable.

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The Value of a Prenup

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Who Needs a Prenup?

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QDRO house divided.JPG

Prenuptial Agreements 201: Who Needs One, Why They’re Important, and What Should be Included

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The Requirements for Enforceable Prenuptial Agreements

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June 2022 Calendar Events

June 1st – 30th: LGBT+ Pride Month

June 19th: Father’s Day + Juneteenth

June 20th: Juneteenth (observed)

Banks + the Post Office will be closed

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