June 2020 – Mediation

One of the most frequently-asked questions our firm receives from clients is whether mediation is the right solution for their legal matter. Mediation is an excellent tool that can be utilized in a variety of cases, particularly during the global COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing. Due to court closures, limited court staffing, and social distancing measures, courts are experiencing a backlog of cases that were delayed as well as now ongoing, new divorce and family law filings which will also face significant delays in processing as a result. Mediation has the potential to avoid the delay and backlog and help expedite your divorce or family law matter to a resolution and allow you to start your “new” life.

Choosing to participate in mediation requires some consideration and analysis that our attorneys at Owens & Perkins can help you work through and make. Knowing which cases are more likely to be resolved via mediation and knowing what to expect from mediation, will help you know whether it’s right for you.

Our June blog series will provide some basic information on mediation, how it works, and how it may be beneficial to your legal matter.


  • Types of Cases Resolved Through Mediation
  • The Role of a Mediator
  • What to Expect in Mediation – The Stages of Mediation
  • Will I be Required to Go to Mediation?

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