June 2014 – Community Property State

Arizona is a community property state, therefore, most assets acquired and debts incurred during the marriage will be equitably divided or shared between the parties. However, if a couple has considerable wealth their divorce case may be more complex than most.

High net worth divorces present unique challenges such as identifying separate and community interests in certain property, valuations of personal businesses or professional practices, and calculation of income used for determining support obligations. Divorce cases for couples with a high net worth have multifaceted issues that require a more in-depth analysis to determine the nature and extent of the assets, income and debts at issue.

Many complex high net worth divorce cases involve distribution of assets such as:

  • Business Ventures
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Enhanced earnings, including employee incentive plans and stock options
  • Investment and securities portfolios
  • Retirement plans, benefits and pensions
  • Real Estate, including rental properties and the income generated
  • Unique or unusual assets such as art, collectibles, airplanes and yachts

High net worth divorce proceedings require the skill of an experienced attorney who can protect your interest because there is so much at stake. In order to avoid complications and make the divorce process easier, contact one of our experienced Scottsdale high net worth divorce attorneys at (480) 630-2464.