July 2020 – Marital Debts

One major issue to consider while going through a divorce is how the marital debts will be divided. Arizona is a “Community Property” state, which means that any debts acquired or incurred by either party during the marriage are presumed to be community or marital debts in which each party has equal responsibility for. Our clients are often concerned about how their debts will be divided, such as mortgages, car loans, credit card debts, or student loans.

The division of marital debts can be overwhelming and can vary depending on the circumstances of your specific case. Our team at Owens & Perkins is here to help you navigate this issue and others during your divorce. Our July blog series will help you understand what marital debts are and what role they can play in your situation before, during, or after a divorce.


  • The Difference Between Separate and Marital Debts
  • Managing and Organizing Debt During a Divorce
  • How to Handle Household Bills During a Divorce
  • Bankruptcy and Divorce
  • How to Handle Rental Leases During Divorce

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