January 2018

January 2018

Generations Representing Generations

I’ve recently returned to work after a 3-month hiatus- also known as maternity leave! Ready for an extreme dose of adorable? Here you go:

That’s Cecilia – the reason for my leave and now required daily IV of coffee. Well, to be fair, my almost 3 year old son, Cecilia’s brother Bennett, also contributes his fair share towards my caffeine addiction.

My time off from the firm was wonderful and exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time. I returned to work in December- a typically slow time of year in the family law arena. Which gave me time to get re-acclimated before January, aka the “Divorce Month”.

Why do I call it the Divorce Month? January is notorious for seeing a huge upswing in divorce filings. Those of us who practice in family law all have our theories as to why.

Perhaps it’s because people don’t like to file for divorce right before the holidays (usually because of the children), so December’s lack of filings are made up for in January.

Perhaps it’s because the holidays can be very stressful on already-strained relationships, and people on the brink of filing for divorce get pushed over the edge.

Or perhaps it’s the idea of a “New Year, New Me” where someone decides it’s time to go ahead and make that huge change in their relationship they’ve been debating for some time.

In any respect, in light of this, check out the Owens & Perkins website where I will be posting blogs all month discussing some things you should know and consider before filing for divorce.

Topics will include discussing when (if?) to tell your spouse, whether or not you should continue to live together during the process of the divorce, when and how to seek temporary orders from the Court, and how the Court’s Preliminary Injunction affects you.