January 2014 – Refresh button

Another year is behind us and we welcome the year 2014.

The holidays are over, and it is time you “hit the refresh button.” No more holiday stress and worrying about entertaining your in-laws. The start of a New Year brings hope, joy and thoughts of new possibilities. It is also a great time to reflect on the past year’s events to see what has changed in your life.

Some changes may have been small; however, if you endured significant changes within this past year, it is now time to update your estate plan.

The following are examples of significant changes that would indicate you may need to update your estate plan:

  • Marital status
  • Buying or selling property
  • Changing jobs (rolling over retirement benefits)
  • Children have reached the age of eighteen
  • Change of beneficiaries
  • Start of a new business
  • Death or incapacity of someone you named in your estate plan

Each of these involve significant life changes that typically affect your estate. If your estate plan is not properly set forth (and funded, if you have a trust) your estate may be subject to probate proceedings. Furthermore, reviewing your estate plan will help you ensure that your assets, including personal items, real property and financial assets are passed the way you want them.

At the Scottsdale law office of Owens & Perkins we have experienced estate planning attorneys that will assist you with updating or creating your estate plan. Our attorneys will help you “hit the refresh button” and give you a great start in the New Year.

Please contact our office at (480) 630-2464 to schedule a ½ hour complimentary consultation. Happy New Year from Owens & Perkins!