April 2017 – Child born out of wedlock

In Arizona, if you have a child born out of wedlock (i.e. when you are not married) paternity must be established by the Court before the Court can enter orders on legal decision-making authority and parenting time, and before it can order someone to pay child support. In a majority of cases, establishing paternity is not a big deal if the parties agree on who the parents are, but other cases are more complicated.

Fathers- what do you do if you are the alleged Father, but you have doubts that the child is biologically yours? Or, conversely, what do you do if you’ve believed for a significant period of time that you were the Father, and treated the child as such, only to later be told by your partner that you aren’t?

Mothers- if you are trying to establish child support- either on your own or through DES, how do you go about establishing paternity with an uncooperative Father who never signed the birth certificate?

Both Parents- do you know what rights you have prior to establishment of paternity? What if paternity was established pursuant to child support proceedings, but there are no Court orders regarding legal decision-making authority and/or parenting time?

Check out the Owens & Perkins website and our blogs this month as we discuss all of these questions and more in a new four-part series on Paternity.

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