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What Is Paternity in Arizona?

Maricopa County PaternityA paternity case is required when a child is conceived out of wedlock.

We know that you have choices, even if you feel that you may not, and a paternity test may be the answer. If you are navigating a paternity matter in Maricopa County, our paternity lawyers are ready to stand by your side.

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How Paternity Works to Establish Fatherhood

Paternity can be used to prove that someone is or is not the father of a child. Very straightforward, a paternity test uses a simple cheek swab from the potential father and child to check the child’s DNA.

Once the test results come back, assuming paternity is established, the court will enter permanent orders regarding:

If the parties are certain of paternity, each party can sign an acknowledgment that a particular person is the father. Paternity acknowledgments are filed with the court, which will enter an order legally establishing a man’s paternity, and the subsequent rights of the child that follow.

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A paternity action to establish child support must be filed prior to the child’s 18th birthday. Often, child support will be ordered to begin the first day of the month following service of process of the petition seeking to establish paternity and child support. The court may, however, order retroactive or back child support. Retroactive child support is typically limited to three years, but that is not always the case. In the right circumstances, the court may look back further to determine a fairer amount.

Proceedings to establish paternity may be filed any time after pregnancy. Paternity actions exist to permit a child’s parents to be legally established or to ensure that they will provide for the financial and emotional needs of the child. As you navigate this legal proceeding, we encourage you to obtain the representation of our experienced paternity attorneys in Scottsdale.