Parenting Time

Parenting Time

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Parenting timeThe changing dynamics between parents and their children can be one of the most tragic after effects of a divorce. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce – whether violence was involved or another factor that contributed to a parent being deemed unfit, those going through a divorce may have to settle with the parenting time ordered by the court.

Parenting time is the Court-ordered time that each parent may spend with their child or children. When making parenting time decisions, the court is primarily concerned with protecting the best interests of the child. So how should you and the other parent work out parenting time issues? Turn to our Scottsdale parenting time attorneys today for trustworthy guidance!

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Parenting Time vs. Legal Decision-Making

Parenting time is not to be confused with legal decision-making. Legal decision-making, formally child custody, is the right to make decisions about a child’s health, education, and religious upbringing. Legal decision-making can be sole (one parent only) or joint (both parents together). Please visit our legal decision-making tab to learn more.

Parenting time is based on factors that include, but are not limited to:

  • Each parent’s work schedules
  • The child or children’s schedules
  • Ages of each child
  • Relationship between the parent and child prior to separation
  • Geographic distance between the parents

Determining the time your child or children will spend with each parent can be challenging. You may be used to having them all the time and can’t imagine it being any different. We know that this is a sensitive and delicate issue and it can be made easier by having an attorney on your side.