High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

Scottsdale High Net Worth Divorce

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High asset or high net worth divorces present unique challenges, such as identifying separate and community interests in assets, valuations of businesses and/or professional practices, and the calculation of income used for determining support obligations if any.

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High Asset Divorce in Arizona

high net worth divorce lawyer scottsdaleArizona is a community property state, therefore, most assets acquired and debts incurred during the marriage will be equitably divided or shared between the parties. However, if a couple has considerable assets, their divorce may be more complex than most. Divorce cases for couples with a high net worth have multifaceted issues that require a more in-depth analysis to determine the nature and extent of the assets, income, and debts at issue.

Many complex high net worth divorce cases involve the distribution and disposition of assets, such as:

  • Multiple bank and investment accounts for personal use and for each business entity
  • Enhanced earnings, and compensation packages including employee incentive plans, stock ownership, stock options, restricted stock, Golden Parachutes, and dividend income
  • Investment and securities portfolios
  • Retirement plans, benefits, and pensions such as 401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA, Simple IRA, IRA, Roth IRA and/or HSA
  • Real Estate including commercial, residential and rental properties and the income generated from each
  • Unique or unusual assets such as art, collectibles, firearms, airplanes, vehicles and boats

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high net worth divorce attorneyWhen significant assets are at stake, divorce disputes can quickly turn combative. High net worth divorce proceedings require the skill of an experienced Scottsdale divorce attorney who understands the assets and can protect your interests. Unfortunately, these cases tend to be highly contested and can take more than a year to complete.

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