High Conflict Parenting Disputes

High Conflict Parenting Disputes

Scottsdale High Conflict Parenting Disputes

High Conflict ParentsAfter a divorce or establishment of custody and parenting time, the goal is to not return to court for the same issues in the future. Unfortunately, there are often cases where one or both parents make situations much more difficult for each other than it needs to be. These are known as high conflict parenting disputes or high conflict cases.

High conflict parenting disputes can often leave one or both parties fighting over even the simplest of things. In more contentious cases, one parent may even attempt to turn their child against the other parent in order to obtain leverage in the custody matter. The conflicts can have a harmful effect on the children as well, putting them in a position of choosing one parent over the other for all practical purposes.

Factors That May Contribute to High Conflict Parenting Disputes

In many child custody battles, there may be a variety of allegations, including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, neglect or other forms of abuse. These issues can be complex and emotionally difficult for a parent who is forced to deal with the other parent, or even when one of the parent accuses the other of abuse when the allegations are false.

Depending on the seriousness and complexity of the issues that are resulting in conflict, the Court could order the parties to complete a High Conflict Parenting Class. However, in matters that are more complex, the Court may appoint a third party to investigate the allegations and issues and provide recommendations to the Court as to how these should be resolved. Fortunately, having a skilled attorney on your side can greatly impact the outcome of your case. Our attorneys will analyze the situation and work with you to keep your children’s best interest at the highest priority.