Healthcare Power Of Attorney

Healthcare Power Of Attorney

Health Care and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney with Living Will

Healthcare Power Of AttorneyA Health Care Power of Attorney gives someone else (the Agent) the ability to make health care decisions for someone (the “Principal”), if they become incapacitated or disabled.

A Mental Health Care Power of Attorney is similar but is intended to deal with incapacitation caused from mental or psychological effects.

A Living Will sets out the Principal’s wishes with regard to receiving life sustaining treatment. The Principal can state, in writing, what lifesaving measures are to be taken and which one are to be avoided.

We strategically combined these three into a single document to comprehensively set out the Principal’s wishes in the event they become unable to make or convey their decisions. It allows the Principal to designate a responsible party to make Health Care decisions on their behalf. This clarity can bring comfort even in a difficult time.