White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes

White-Collar Crime

At Scottsdale Criminal Attorneys, Owens & Perkins, we know that a person charged with a White-Collar Crime probably never expected to be facing criminal charges. These cases are very often complex and involve complicated legal issues that may require an intensive, thorough review of computer records and other evidence. Owens & Perkins has experienced, effective Attorneys to represent you in these types of cases. It is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible so that important evidence can be preserved and to get our team, including expert outside forensic investigators, started on the matter.

First, we will investigate every aspect of your case, including interviewing witnesses, reviewing any physical evidence as well as computer records and any other evidence the State allegedly has against you. We will honestly evaluate the strength and weakness of the case against you and develop any and all possible defenses we can.

Once we’ve completed our investigation, we’ll meet with you to discuss the outcome and together decide on the best course of strategy. Sometimes, when the State has a strong case, our strategy will be to negotiate for the best possible deal with the Prosecutor and, when possible, seeking a deal that avoids or reduces incarceration time or even avoids a criminal conviction. We’ll present our evidence showing the weakness in their case, as well as evidence of your good character.

On the other hand, if you’re innocent or there are solid defenses to the charges filed against you, we may decide to proceed to trial. If so, our experienced Scottsdale Criminal Attorneys will aggressively fight for you, including filing any Pre-Trial Motions to limit the evidence that may be admissible against you.