Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic Violence in Arizona

At Owens & Perkins, we know being charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona can be especially frightening and involve more than just what is in the police report. People will often falsely claim they’re victims of domestic violence to gain an upper hand in a relationship or a divorce or child custody proceeding. Or, the police may charge a crime of domestic violence based on minimal evidence even in situations where the alleged victim doesn’t even want charges filed.

Owens & Perkins has experienced, effective Attorneys to represent you against domestic violence charges in Arizona. We will investigate every aspect of your case, from interviewing eyewitnesses, and any other potential witnesses, to reviewing any physical evidence of the alleged crime, and will strive to evaluate the strength of the case against you and will develop any and all potential defenses. If the victim doesn’t want to prosecute, this can create the potential for dismissal of charges in some situations. Once our investigation is complete, we’ll discuss the likely outcomes with you, and decide together on the best way to continue.

When the State has a strong case, sometimes our strategy will be to negotiate the best deal possible with the Prosecutor. This includes gathering evidence in support of your defense and, if possible, seeking a deal that avoids or reduces jail time or even avoids a criminal conviction. Such evidence can include anything that shows the weakness of the prosecution’s case, as well as evidence of your good character.

On the other hand, if you are innocent of the charges or there are solid defenses to the charges against you, we may advise you to go to trial. If we choose to go to trial, one of our experienced criminal trial attorneys will aggressively fight for you, including filing any Pre-Trial Motions to limit evidence that may be admissible against you. We’ll prepare and present your case in the light most favorable to you.