Coping with Back-to-School Changes During Divorce

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divorce attorney Scottsdale ArizonaIn the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, our attorneys and staff at Owens and Perkins have been lighting the way for families navigating the intricate labyrinth of family law and divorce. We’ve walked alongside families in the shadows of divorce, witnessing the toll it takes, especially on the smallest members – the children. The echo of these experiences rings especially loud as summer winds down, and the school bell starts to chime again.

Let’s face it – divorce feels like an unexpected midnight intruder in a child’s life. It creeps into the very fabric of their existence, yanking apart the threads of what they’ve always known as ‘family’ and ‘home.’ Picture a kaleidoscope suddenly shaken, its pieces scattering in unpredictable patterns. School routines, once so easy and routine, now become a precarious tightrope walk, bringing added layers of stress and apprehension to their young lives.

So, how do we become the lighthouses in their stormy seas? We’ve found that it takes a village. Bringing in the everyday superheroes – your child’s teachers and school counselors – can make a world of difference. These trusted adults often have a front-row seat to your child’s school day, and their sharp eyes can detect changes in behavior or academic performance. This doesn’t mean you’re handing over the keys to your child’s personal life. It’s more like stopping to ask for directions on a roadtrip and having that person help highlight hazards and possible trouble spots along the way to watch for, but ultimately aiding you and your child in getting to where you want to go.

In this period of flux, unity becomes your secret weapon, your ‘superpower,’ if you will. Be it the school play or the parent-teacher meeting, ensuring both parents are present offers an oasis of stability in your child’s shifting sands. It’s like whispering in their ear, “We’ve got you, kiddo. We’re still your biggest cheerleaders.”

However, there are times when a child needs more than just their parents and teachers in their corner. Enter stage left: child therapists. These unsung heroes offer a safe harbor for your child to navigate their emotional seas, teaching them the art of turning their storms into stories and tears into laughter. 

The legal world of a divorce can seem like a foreign land, complete with its own language and laws. Child custody, visitation rights, financial support – each is a puzzle piece that needs careful placement to make the puzzle turn into the final picture that you see. This is where we step in, your friendly neighborhood family law attorneys. We have a star-studded team ready to ensure your child’s rights shine bright, guiding you through the intricate maze of legalities.


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Remember, at Owens and Perkins, we wear our ‘Family First’ badge with pride. We recognize the mountain range that divorce can erect, especially during critical transitions like back-to-school. But mountains are meant for climbing, right? And we’re here, your guide, offering the legal support and resources you need to conquer this. In the symphony of life, remember that even the most discordant notes can make a beautiful melody. With the right kind of help, your family can turn this page and start writing a new, empowering chapter in the wake of divorce. Contact Owens & Perkins today to discuss your current parenting plan.