Divorce and Social Media Privacy

For good reason, privacy on Social Media is a popular topic of discussion these days, and during a divorce case it’s no less important to consider. With tensions high and futures of both you and possibly your children at stake, online communication can have a major impact on divorce negotiations. With the wrong information in the wrong hands, you can be at risk of exposure that will damage your chances of achieving your ideal outcome. If you are preparing for or currently going through a divorce, it is vital that you consider how you’re using social media and how it may affect your case.

Here’s a few items to consider while going through a divorce in the Internet Age:

  • Put your best foot forward. Social Media posts can be used as evidence, meaning that anything you post on social media could be subject to use in an evidentiary hearing. Consider whether your post could be construed as counter-productive to the long term goals in your divorce.
  • Change your passwords. This may be common sense, but ensuring that your soon-to-be-ex does not have access to your social media accounts and private conversations is very important. Consider changing your passwords immediately to protect your privacy.
  • Check your privacy settings. On nearly every social media platform you can choose who sees your posts and who can view your profile. Can your ex, their friends or family, or other interested parties find what you’re posting about online? Consider who you want (and don’t want) to see your posts and profile and change your privacy settings accordingly, but DON’T depend on these settings as an absolute protection against your ex or other interested parties from accessing what you post online.
  • The internet is forever. Regardless of your locked-down privacy settings or how well you present yourself on the internet, remember that once information is online, it stays online. Consider taking a break from social media altogether to avoid unnecessary issues from arising during your divorce.

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