Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation

A Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation is a form that you can complete, provided by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle, that allows you to designate the person or persons you want to inherit your vehicle upon your passing.

There are several benefits to completing a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary Designation:

  • It can cause your estate to avoid probate. Often times our vehicle is the last major asset that we own as we get older. With the completion of an MVD Beneficiary form, if your car is your major asset, you can keep your estate out of probate by completing one.
  • Cars depreciate in value quickly and often require maintenance. With a transfer-on-death beneficiary in place, the vehicle will be transferred to the beneficiary immediately, allowing them to use it after your death. This will prevent the car from sitting around and losing value during probate.
  • Having a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary will make changing title relatively painless (we all hate the MVD lines). All you have to do is take the original title with the original completed and notarized MVD Beneficiary form to the MVD and they will change the titled to the new owner, it’s literally that easy.

Preparing a Motor Vehicle Beneficiary is simple and quick.

You can click the link here CLICK HERE FOR MVD BENEFICIARY FORM to fill out the form and then you’ll need to sign in front of a notary.

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