Using a Private Judge for High Net Worth Divorces

Divorce is a complicated, difficult process that often involves both high stakes and high levels of tension in even the most basic cases, but when extensive, high value, and complex finances are involved, the risk and the stress associated with divorce can increase exponentially. High net worth individuals and families typically prefer to make the process as streamlined and private as possible, reducing the risk of their complex financial information becoming a matter of public record.

If you need a high net worth divorce, one of the ways a high net worth individual can have more privacy and control during this chaotic time is by employing a private judge or mediator. Here’s why:

  • Court records are often public and available online. Opting for privately mediating your case or using an agreed upon private judge will keep your personal information out of the public eye.
  • Utilizing a private judge allows you to have more choice in who rules on your case than you would have by going to court.
  • A decision or ruling made by a private judge holds the same weight as a decision or ruling made by a sitting judge, and it can be appealed in the same way as well.
  • If you’re able to come to an agreement with the opposing party without going to court, the process can be less costly than a long and drawn out litigation in the normal court process. Plus, you have more control over the outcome than if you defer to the typical court.

High net worth individuals and families typically value a certain level of privacy and control in their lives, and during divorce it is no different. Privatizing divorce is a strong alternative to traditional litigation and can make the process more streamlined, customized, and less stressful for every party involved.

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