Social Distancing and Divorce

The COVID-19 pandemic and all that has come with it has completely changed the way we’re living our lives. Cities and countries around the world are practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which has had a drastic ripple effect on businesses, governments, families, and individuals alike. While protecting our communities and our health is extremely important, we all have questions about how this will affect us personally. We have received many questions from our clients regarding divorce and social distancing, and how they can navigate divorce during this unprecedented time full of unknowns. Although our answers will vary from case-to-case, below are some general answers that may provide some clarity.

  • Can I still get a divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic? Although the world has seemed to stop spinning, the legal system is still here to protect you and is still operating on a daily basis although limited and reduced in scope. The sooner you file for divorce, the sooner you will be able to employ that protection.
  • How will social distancing affect my court proceedings? Although it differs between counties and states, courts across the nation are taking measures to protect their staff and the individuals that enter their courtrooms. Here in Maricopa County, Arizona, courts are only holding telephonic hearings, with the exception of Emergency Temporary Orders and Orders of Protection hearings. Those hearings that cannot be adjusted to telephonic appearance are being postponed.
  • To avoid court appearances, you may opt for remote depositions or mediations. To practice social distancing, many agencies are offering reduced-cost remote mediations or depositions through Zoom, Skype, Facetime and other remote technology. This may be an excellent solution for those wanting to move forward with divorce while still practicing social distancing. We are very lucky to live in an age with advanced technology that allows us to maintain most operations via virtual communications.

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