Parental Power of Attorney

In Arizona, there are several types of Power of Attorneys – all of which serve different purposes.

In general, a Power of Attorney is the authority to act for another person.

Most commonly a power of attorney is used to handle one’s financial or healthcare wishes in the event that they cannot do so themselves.

In Arizona, however, you can also create a Parental Power of Attorney, which would allow someone (most commonly Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle) to have the same rights and authority to care for your child as you would, without having a court order.

Usually, this type of power of attorney is used when you and your spouse go on a much needed, and well-deserved, vacation and Grandma and Grandpa are watching your kids. However, there are other reasons this type of power of attorney is incredibly helpful, such as:

  • Deployment
  • Extended Illness
  • Special Educational Needs of the Child

Parental Power of Attorney, otherwise known as a Delegation of Parental Powers, operates under a limited amount of time. By statute, in Arizona, the duration of this delegation cannot exceed six months.

Using a Parental Power of Attorney will ease everyone’s mind knowing that Grandma and Grandpa (or other temporary guardian) will have the same legal authority as you would when caring for your children.

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