Healthcare Power of Attorney – Why Are They So Important?

When considering the “what ifs” of life, it is important to consider having a Healthcare Power of Attorney (“HCPOA”). In simple terms, a HCPOA is a document that designates someone to be your representative or agent in the event you are unable to make or communicate decisions about your health care options.

Having a person designated to carry out your wishes when you are unable will save your family heartache, money and time.

There are multiple factors to consider when designating your HCPOA:

  • You want someone that understands and will follow your wishes.
  • You want someone that is comfortable accepting this responsibility. 
  • And if you are lucky enough to find that person, then you need to find a second one to name as an alternate or back-up agent.

When making this decision, it is wise to sit down with your family, friends and/or people in your life that you trust, and discuss your wishes to determine who might be best suited to take on this role.

Often times, people do not think about designating a healthcare power of attorney until something happens within their family, and many times it is too late.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always give you a “heads up” on what is coming next.  You can only assign someone as your HCPOA when you are of sound mind and body; so having this document drafted before anything happens can avoid fighting between family members in determining which healthcare option “is what you would have wanted.”   

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