Divorce with Depression and Anxiety

Although there are many different things that may cause someone to seek a divorce, if one or both spouses are suffering from depression and anxiety this can often be the spark to that fire. Depression and anxiety are on the rise in our nation, and going through a divorce or family law matter can amplify those underlying conditions and issues. Whether it is the cause of your divorce or the result of the divorce itself, it is important to identify these issues and take the appropriate actions to help yourself dealing with that.

Depression and anxiety, although two different disorders, often occur at the same time and many of the symptoms can overlap such as:

  • Problems with sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite

It is easy to see why these symptoms might become a strain on a marriage. Contested or not, divorces are among the most stressful events that anyone experiences in their lifetime. Therefore, if you are not experiencing these issues at the beginning of the divorce, you may develop them as a result of the ongoing stress as the divorce progresses. If you or your spouse have anxiety or depression, it can impair the ability to make sound decisions. Seeking legal counsel is important to help ensure the right decisions are being made for your future.

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