Divorce with Bi-Polar Disorder

When people get married, they are at an all-time high and usually only think of their future together as happy and bright. But as we all know, sometimes marriages can also take some deep dives and be at low points. Highs and lows in a marriage are not uncommon, but it can be extremely challenging when those highs and lows are on an almost daily basis as one spouse struggles with bi-polar disorder.

Bipolar disorder, or sometimes knows as manic-depressive illness, is a disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, activity levels, energy and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Symptoms of this include:

  • Irritability
  • Risk taking behaviors
  • Aggression
  • Impulsivity

Adding these behaviors into a marriage is not only cause for concern for the person experiencing them, but for the spouse who is dealing with the aftermath of excessive shopping trips, days of reclusion, or unpredictable mood swings. Bi-Polar Disorder, untreated, can be a large financial stress as well as an emotional stress. The attorneys here at Owens & Perkins have the experience needed in order to take on the complexities of a case that includes a party suffering with bi-polar disorder.

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