Valuing Businesses During A High Net Worth Divorce

In this article, we’re going to share ways for valuing businesses during a high net worth divorce. In this day and age of entrepreneurs, a spouse may own or operate their own business, may be a partner in a business or professional practice, or both spouses may have started and owned businesses together. Owning and operating your own business can be very rewarding and lucrative, but it also can cause significant issues in the event of a high net worth divorce.

Last week we spoke about the difference between community property and sole and separate property. Businesses and business interests are another property interest that needs to be defined, valued, and divided in a divorce.

Valuing Businesses During A High Net Worth Divorce

Valuing Businesses During A High Net Worth DivorceUsually, it is not practical or advisable to have both spouses continue to operate a joint business after divorce nor to have a non-participating spouse suddenly thrust into the day-to-day operation of the other party’s ongoing business. Therefore, the business or ownership interest needs to be defined as whether it is community property or if the marital community has some sort of an equitable interest even if it is one party’s sole and separate business.

This issue alone can be very complex and hotly disputed. Once that is determined, we need to calculate what the dollar value or amount is for the community interest in the business which requires and entails a complete assessment and valuation of the business as a whole.

Again, not only will this likely require the time and expense of hiring an expert to value the business, but there are different methods available to value businesses and disputes can arise as to which method to use, whether the calculations done were correct, etc. All of this can be very overwhelming, complex, and aggravating for even the most business-savvy, and having an attorney well-versed in navigating such business valuation issues in a divorce can be absolutely crucial to not only your peace of mind but for your financial future.

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