Why Do People Get Divorced?

Marriage and divorce are both completely common experiences. One of the most bitter realities of our time is that divorce is no longer a rare occurrence. Roughly 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.

Marriages end over an assortment of affairs (literally). Infidelity, age, stress, financial burden/changes, trauma, addiction, lack of intimacy, poor conflict resolution and/or lack of communication are just a few of the significant factors that lead to divorce.

Good communication is the foundation of a strong marriage. Communication is critical in any relationship as is the ability to communicate effectively. However, the lack thereof leads to resentment, frustration and often, larger problems within the marriage, such as the inability to understand your spouse, resulting in relentless arguing, resulting in spouses turning to the internet for companionship and comfort.

In today’s technological world, cheating can be both physical and/or emotional. Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of many marriages. The most common reason that relationships end in divorce is infidelity.

But what is infidelity these days?

Is it too much time on Facebook or Instagram communicating with a person of the opposite sex?

Is it sexting?

Or, does it require an in person meeting with another human being and actually having sex?

We don’t have the answer to “what is infidelity?” but we can tell you how it will affect your divorce.

And, the answer is, in most cases, it won’t. Unfortunately for those that have been cheated on either physically, emotionally or both, an affair is not going to affect the outcome of your divorce. Arizona is a no-fault state and what that means is that an extra-marital affair is not going to change the financial outcome of your divorce. Whether you agree with the law or disagree, Arizona is a no fault state, and infidelity is one of the top reasons people get divorced.

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