What To Do After A Divorce – New Year’s Resolutions

If you or someone you know has gone through a divorce this year, then you know it can be challenging getting into the groove of a new life. This transition doesn’t have to be a negative one, in fact it can be a great time to set some goals and enjoy the new chapter ahead of you.

When considering your new life ahead, it is also important to make sure you have brought your estate planning and asset documents up to date. The following are some things to consider for your “to do” list for the upcoming new year:

  • Update your estate plan and beneficiary designations on life insurance, retirement funds, and other accounts to reflect your new circumstances and wishes;
  • Make sure the titles to your vehicles and accounts are correct and up to date and no longer contain your ex-spouse’s name or information;
  • Check to make sure that your QDRO was prepared and any other tranfers of assets have been done pursuant to your divorce decree.

Owens & Perkins can help you navigate through these steps to make sure your important life documents reflect your new life! Protecting yourself both financially and emotionally after going through the divorce process can sometimes be just a forgotten afterthought following the overwhelming upheaval of the divorce itself. Whether it is traveling more, joining a club, or developing new hobbies, this New Year make sure you consider setting some goals and creating a new plan for your single life, but don’t forget to finish and wrap up the little things to ensure yourself that you can start living anew without regret.

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