Post Decree Modifications

While your divorce decree declares exactly how your assets, debts, children and life in general will be divided up, treated and/or otherwise will proceed after a divorce, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these things are set in stone for the rest of your life. In our blogs this year, we talked about many different options you can take in order to modify custody, parenting time or even child or spousal support.

It is important to note that once your divorce decree is finalized, you generally must wait one (1) year before you can modify custody or parenting time concerning your children, although there are limited exceptions to that such as in the event of an emergency situation where the child is in imminent danger of serious mental, physical or emotional harm if the current orders are allowed to stand. It is extremely common for circumstances to change for both you, your ex, and your children as life goes on. Many of these circumstances include:

  • Relocation and moving by one or both parents and the children, whether across town, across the state or across the country
  • Changes for the children in schools and districts based on a relocation, need for special medical or mental health treatment or educational services, or transition to a private, charter or magnet school with specialized curriculum
  • Children desire to spend more time with one parent or the other
  • Changes in activities and needs as children get older

As we all know, life can take us on many adventures – but when co-parenting in different households it can be difficult to navigate and having an attorney to help can make the process much more productive and less stressful.

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