Conciliation Services at the Maricopa County Superior Court provides various services for those involved in family court cases.

One such service is a class specifically for parents in high conflict situations called the Parental Conflict Resolution Class.

Research shows that constant conflict is harmful to the children involved. Yes, someone actually did research on that.

It seems pretty obvious to any outside observer, but many parents get so wrapped up in their conflict with the other parent that they fail to notice the negative impact of the conflict on their children.

Even young children pick up on the tension between their parents in high conflict cases.

The purpose of the Parental Conflict Resolution Class is to help parents recognize that their conflict is harmful to their children, provide parents with methods to reduce the amount of conflict with each other, and provide parents with a better understanding of the root cause of their conflict to prevent future conflict.

The court will order the parties to attend this class in cases where there is a significant level of conflict. The class costs $50 per person, but a deferral or waiver of the fee may be requested.

For obvious reasons, the parents must attend separate classes.

Being ordered to take the class should not be viewed in a negative light.

Of course, the underlying conflict giving rise to the need for the class is a negative; however, the class itself is an opportunity for the parents to realize how their conflict is harming their child and provides some tools to prevent further harm and repair their parent/child relationships.

If the issue is taken seriously by both parents, the class should really be a first step to correcting the issues that lead to conflict and give the parents the tools to co-parenting effectively.

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