You Can Transfer Title To Your Car Online!

Transfer title to your car onlineIt seems that we have progressed to an easy click of the mouse on our computers for just about everything. From banking, to paying bills, to shopping….there’s an app for that!

And, the same is true for buying and selling cars. Who knew?

Because of “eTitle” provided by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division, you can now transfer title to your car online.

In a simple five step process you can now securely complete this process quickly and efficiently from any device.

What a great alternative to spending the entire day standing in line at the MVD!

How To Transfer Title To Your Car Online

In order to get the process started, just visit and create an “AZ MVD Now” account.

The DMV requires that the vehicle record must indicate:

  • An Arizona vehicle title
  • A current Arizona registration
  • No lien(s) on the vehicle record or added to the vehicle record
  • Current emissions, if applicable, and
  • The vehicle must be a non-commercial passenger vehicle

There are also some requirements for the buyers and sellers:

  • Both parties must have an Arizona customer record/number with a photo on file
  • The electronic transfer may only be made to a single buyer
  • The seller must be the only owner of record or have an “OR” legal status between current owners
  • The buyer must complete the title and registration process immediately after the seller releases ownership

This process was created to get Arizona out of line and safely on the road. I’m all for it.

But wait, there’s more, eTitle also reduces the risk of title fraud by utilizing a secure online process instead of paper.

This part is actually for MVD’s benefit, MVD wants everyone to note that the MVD does not have any role in the sale of a vehicle, they only handle the title transfer. You control the actual sale.

So, now you know, you can add “title transfer” to that ever growing list of things you can accomplish online.

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