As the number of security breaches grows every year, it is important to know how to protect yourself and your family.

Many of us will think “what are the chances this will happen to me?” But when you least expect it, something could happen that would jeopardize your entire sense of privacy relating to your identity.

As you have already read, scams that could expose your identity to the wrong people come in different ways. With the expansion of our technology, the methods behind these scams will only get worse.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to protect yourself now.


As most of these threats come to our personal e-mail accounts, the best way to keep safe is avoiding messages that don’t look right. One of the main methods of e-mail scams include a hyperlink in the e-mail address that could lead you to a website that looks very similar to the intended address, but instead steals your information as you go to log in to your accounts. Avoiding and ignoring these at all costs will save you from headaches in the future, including any attachment on the e-mail.


Online scams are known for doing damage in places other than your e-mail. Sometimes these come in the form of a fake website. These fake websites plague our social networks by imitating websites we usually go to – same colors, look and feel.

The safest daily practice is to avoid clicking website links on all social networks and instead actually type in the web address you want from a browser that you opened.


Another precaution you can take is to have your pop-up blocker enabled on your web browser and to have a reliable antivirus program on your computer to protect you from viruses and malware that the internet could bring.

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