The Horrors of Identity Theft: The Equifax Episode

As we learn more about the Equifax data breach, we start to feel very anxious about where our information went.

The truth is, with a data breach, we will never know where the information went.

It could be posted online for the “Dark Web” to disburse amongst their members or the data taken from Equifax’s servers could have already been deleted by now.

There is no guarantee on what could have happened with all the data until grim news strikes our bank accounts and other property.

When a data breach occurs, most of the data will end up on the “Dark Web.”

This is a side of the internet that is rarely seen by the common user but contains so much unbelievable data that it’s hard to believe it still exists.

With personal data being on this side of the internet, it can get sold to somebody who needs a new identity.

They may use it just to get employed, or they may use it to reap the benefits of a good credit score and make a few purchases that would be out of budget.

It would be much less worrisome if the severity of the breach with Equifax was discussed earlier.

The breach was originally discovered a few months before actually being disclosed to the public.

All in all, around 143 million people were left exposed.

As the investigation continues, we may hear clearer answers from Equifax on what exactly happened and where the information went.

In the meantime, Equifax is offering identity theft protection.

For more information from Equifax about the breach, click here.

Equifax is going to be providing everyone who may have been exposed in this breach with a complimentary identity protection and credit file monitoring service.

You can apply for it on their website after seeing if you have or have not been exposed.

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