As technology and the internet become a bigger part of our daily lives, scammers are also getting more artistic with their methods.

They take many different shapes through e-mail, text messages and even phone calls, but the methods surprisingly require an amazingly small amount of work.

Because of this growth in technology, it is important to know who you are replying to or communicating with.

One of the easiest ways to get yourself involved in an online scam is through shopping. Online shopping has increased dramatically while brick and mortar retail stores continue to see fewer shoppers.

With online purchases you have to make sure you are shopping on a trusted site as this is where the risk of identity theft and credit card fraud is the highest.

These websites or retailers may be asking a lot less for a product than a retail price, but the results from making such a suspicious purchase are usually identity theft and credit card fraud. The old adage still applies, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Since many people have caught on to many of the scams out there, a lot of the scam e-mails go straight to your junk folder, but some still get through and you should delete them.

There is still one successful scam out there to get your personal information, and it revolves around extortion. Extortion is the process of obtaining something, in this case money, through force or threats.

One of these extortion methods involves extremely scary messages from an alleged hit-man. Catching the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation a couple of years ago, this extortion scam requests that you make a rather large payment to a person who is hired to take your life. Again, the best thing to do is to delete the e-mail and ignore it, but if it continues you should report the harassment to the proper authorities.

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