You’re In Control:

Most people do not enjoy or look forward to going to Court. It is a very stressful situation and the Judge is ultimately in control of making the final decisions. Mediation or arbitration gives you the option to be in control of the outcome and negotiate what will work best for you. Then, a confidential agreement is submitted to the Court to become a binding Order.

Saves Time:

Additionally, going to Court takes a lot of time. If your case proceeds to Trial, it could easily take 6 months to a year, or even longer, to go before a Judge. But, you can avoid that. If you and the other party agree on a mediator/arbitrator to use, your dispute will be settled quickly. Typically, within a few months.

Saves Money:

Instead of each party hiring an attorney, the fees for a mediator or arbitrator can be shared by the parties. The fees may be split 50/50 or by some other ratio in accordance with the parties’ respective incomes or ability to pay.

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In summary, Mediation/Arbitration agreements are: 1) binding, 2) confidential, 3) timely and 4) cost effective.

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