A Spring Training Story – Don’t Let This Be You

Spring is in the air and here in Arizona that means hearing the crack of the bat, the thump of the ball hitting the mitt, and the start of spring training baseball. Many people come to Arizona this time of year to enjoy our sunshine and 70 degree weather after a long, cold winter, catch a few games with their favorite baseball team and get a closer, more intimate view of their favorite major league players. And many enjoy a cold beer or two during these games and sometimes continue the fun with friends and other fans even after the game. Enjoy your time here, but don’t become just another DUI statistic like many who unfortunately relate similar stories to this one:

“After a long, cold winter, I had come down to Arizona to enjoy the sunshine and watch a couple of spring training games with my beloved, and now “World Champions”, Chicago Cubs. I got my tickets, took my seat inside the park, and settled in for a great day of baseball. Sure, I had a couple of beers – what’s better than sitting in the sun, watching my favorite team and enjoying a cold one. After the game, I went out with some new found “friends” I met at the ballpark for a couple of drinks and to talk about how well the Cubs looked and what we thought of their chances this season. Feeling great and still confident to drive, I said goodnight to my friends and got in my car to drive back to the hotel. On the way, my cell phone fell under the seat. I reached down to grab it, and by the time I looked up, I had hit the curb.

Soon after, I saw police lights in my rearview mirror. My heart was racing as I pulled over. Suspecting alcohol might be involved, the officer asked me questions about where I had been and how much I had to drink tonight, had me recite the alphabet, stand on one leg, and try to touch my nose with one finger. He shined a flashlight in my eyes, making me look left and right, and saw that my eyes were red and watery. He also had me take a preliminary breath test that showed my blood alcohol content was .09, just above the legal limit of .08. The officer placed me under arrest and took me to the station to get a blood test.

I was in a panic, had lots of questions, was terrified of doing jail time, and was scared about the financial burden of a DUI and what would happen with my driver’s license. My dream vacation had just turned into a nightmare.”

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