Relationships That We Are Thankful for

By: Michelle J. Perkins, Esq.

Next year Owens & Perkins will be celebrating 50 years of serving the Valley legal community from our headquarters in Scottsdale. You must admit, that’s a long time. You don’t stay in business in one city for 50 years without developing some pretty strong ties and relationships.

As most of you know, I have had the honor and privilege of working with my grandfather, CD Owens for the last 22 years. Neither of my parents are attorneys, we skipped a generation. Our tag line for the firm is “generations representing generations” and it is truth in advertising (crazy, I know).

About a month ago I got a call from the daughter of a client that I have represented since literally the first week I was admitted to the bar (i.e. became a lawyer). My grandfather had represented him previously and when I came along he told the client he “had just the lawyer for him”. I met with the client, we hit it off and I have represented him ever since.

The reason the daughter called was to tell me that her Father had been in a serious bicycle accident and he was in the hospital. She said that her Dad had always told her if anything ever happened, she should call me and she did. In the moment of that call I was so proud. So proud of the confidence this Father placed in me to always give comfort and assurance to his daughter and that someone would always be there for her if she ever needed anything.

I went to go see the client in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and we visited for a couple of hours remembering the crazy things that have happened over the last two decades. I still have not met this client’s daughter. We have only spoken on the phone, but the legal profession has served me well by allowing me to get to know some really wonderful people and to share their life’s journey with them and to be there for them when the chips are down.

We have many clients we have represented for so very long, I want to say thank you to every client out there reading this that we have represented for a decade or more. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey with us and thank you for being part of the O&P family. We appreciate you.

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