Awards that I Am Thankful For

By: Michelle J. Perkins, Esq.

As part of my life’s journey I was recently bestowed a very prominent award that I cherish and is dear to my heart. For years I have belonged to the Successful Women Owners Network (S.W.O.N.), a program run by Republic Media, a parent company of the Arizona Republic.

The program has been in existence for 16 years, celebrating the successes of businesses that are at least 50% women owned. I have not qualified for the program for the entire 16 years, but I have been in the program for many, dating back to when it used to be called the Million Dollar Club.

The program recognizes women who embody four key characteristics: innovation, growth, community service and lifetime achievement. This year, I was chosen to receive the S.W.O.N. Lifetime Achievement Award. At first I thought they might have made a mistake, as I am clearly not old enough to receive such an award. But we checked with them and it’s true. Who knew all these long hours and hard work would be recognized at such an early stage in my career. It’s truly an honor.

Another award that I was very proud to receive was back in 2013, I received the 50 Most Influential Women in Arizona Businesses award from the Arizona Business Magazine. As I was even younger three years ago, you can imagine how shocked and surprised I was to receive that award.

I went to law school to become a lawyer. I did not go to business school, even in undergrad. Had I known I would end up being a lawyer who was also running a business when I was in college, I probably would have taken a few courses on the subject to help myself out later on.

The reason these business awards are so special and important to me is because I do not have any formal education in running a business, I can’t do math without a calculator and notwithstanding these shortcomings, due to my sheer determination and will power, it has all worked out well and my business accomplishments have been recognized. For that I am very humbled and grateful.

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