Attorney Max Hanson Featured in Channel 12 News Segment

Attorney Max Hanson of Owens & Perkins, Attorneys at Law has been featured in a Segment on Arizona’s NBC Channel 12 News regarding the growing need for prenuptial agreements. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Arizona’s divorce rate is slightly higher than the national average, making it vital for Arizona couples to protect their assets in the event that their marriage should end in divorce.

As Attorney Hanson states, “I think [prenups are] something that is becoming more and more common. It isn’t just for the rich.” He added, “It’s just like getting automobile insurance or anything else.”

Since Arizona is a community-property-law state, both spouses have a common interest in all property gained during a marriage. From people who are newly tying the knot to those who are on their third marriage, prenups can provide invaluable protection and determine how assets, debts, and other marital property will be distributed if a marriage should end in divorce or death.

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