Safety Corridors and Freeways with Zero Tolerance for Traffic Violations This Holiday

Arizona Implementing Safety Corridors on Sections of Interstates and Freeways With Zero Tolerance For Any Traffic Violations

Arizona has provided a “present” for all of the drivers in the Phoenix metropolitan area for the next year – whether it is the equivalent of a truly precious gift or the awful gag present at the white elephant exchange depends on your perspective.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (“ADOT”) announced this week that 63 miles of Interstate 10, U.S. 90 (the Superstition Freeway), and Interstate 40 are being designated as “safety corridors”. What that means for all of us motorists is that certain high traffic sections of these roadways will see a heavy law enforcement presence and a “zero tolerance” policy for enforcement of any and all traffic offenses. ADOT says this is a year-long pilot program with the purpose of reducing accidents and fatalities in certain statistically high-risk areas.

What does “zero tolerance” mean? That unofficial 10 or 11 miles per hour over the speed limit “cushion” that you used to enjoy and take advantage of is now gone, kaput, finished; if you are even 1 or 2 miles over the posted speed limit you will be pulled over and ticketed. Quickly switching multiple lanes during rush hour to try to make your exit – nope, plan your gradual lane changes in advance or face receiving a citation. Forgot to buckle your seat belt? Expect a ticket.

Starting on December 20, 2016, the first safety corridors will be marked with signs and take effect at:

  • Four (4) miles of I-10 in central Phoenix from the I-17 stack, through the Deck Park tunnel, to the mini-stack interchange of I-10, Loop 202 and State Route 51.
  • Twenty-three (23) miles of I-10 from the Loop 202 Santan Freeway interchange south to the State Route 187 exit (just north of Casa Grande).

Beginning in January, 2017, two more safety corridors will be added:

  • Thirteen (13) miles of U.S. 90 Superstition Freeway from the Loop 101 Price Freeway interchange in Tempe to the Loop 202 interchange in east Mesa.
  • Twenty-three (23) miles of I-40 between Milepost #49 in Kingman, Arizona to the U.S. 93 interchange east of Kingman.

If you do end up in these new “safety corridors”, particularly at the downtown I-10 or the U.S. 90 locations where hundreds of thousands of us in the Valley travel through on a regular if not daily basis, please beware of the tightened enforcement policy, act accordingly and keep that “lead foot” off the gas pedal.

As always, all of us at OWENS & PERKINS encourage you to drive responsibly and to help keep our roadways safe. If you or loved one are in need of legal representation or simply have question about a legal issue, call us at 480.994.8824 to schedule a CONSULTATION.