Which tests do you need to agree to?

If the police request that you provide a blood, breath, or urine sample when you were stopped and you refuse to provide the same, you will be subject to additional penalties from the Department of Motor Vehicles, including the loss of your driving privileges for one year, even if it is later found that you were not DUI or under the influence at the time. You should consult an attorney to assist you in addressing and minimizing these additional consequences.

  • Do NOT agree to:
    • PBT (Portable Breath Test)
    • Field Sobriety Tests, i.e. the Walk and Turn, One Leg Lift, etc.
    • HGN or “penlight” Test (Horizontal Gaze Nistagmus)
  • Do agree to:
    • Blood Test
    • Intoxilyzer Breath Test
    • Urine Sample

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