Part 4 – How to Choose A Family Law Lawyer

At our firm, we require clients to pay a retainer against which all legal fees and costs will be deducted. The next inquiry then is how often you will be invoice for the legal services rendered in your case. There also may come a time when the initial retainer is exhausted. You should ask the lawyer how the retainer is replenished. It is always better to know this information up front rather than it becoming a point of contention between you and your lawyer later on in your relationship.

Mostly importantly, if you are going to hire the lawyer, be sure that you received a written retainer agreement. The retainer agreement is the document that gives your lawyer permission to represent you in your dispute. It is also the governing contract in your attorney-client relationship. The retainer sets forth both you and your lawyer’s responsibilities to each other.

In order to have an effective client-attorney relationship certain guiding principles should be followed. Owens & Perkins have always believed that clients deserve to be treated with respect. Phone calls should be returned as quickly as practical. You should have your questions answered in a timely manner and be kept abreast of the developments in the case. The best judge of whether you have found the right lawyer is you. Trust your judgment.

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