Part 2 – How to Choose A Family Law Lawyer

Be aware that while you are consulting with the prospective lawyer to see if they meet your particular qualifications that lawyer will be interviewing you as well. Both sides are attempting to see if there is compatibility and if they can work together. The lawyer is paying special attention to whether you will be amenable to following their advice and also determining the type of witness you will make.

Keep an open mind during the consultation. Use the time to find out as much as you can about the legal process. This is the lawyer’s area of expertise, not yours. Find out how the legal process works. Understand how to get into court to have issues resolved, which includes the timetables for achieving results.

Before the meeting, take the time to write out your questions so that your intentions are clear. By preparing a list of questions beforehand, you will make the most efficient use of time during the initial consultation. Always provide lawyers with all pertinent facts. Do not pick and choose what you believe is important. A lawyer cannot give an informed opinion on any issue unless given a full and complete history. In addition, the more forthcoming you are with information during that consultation, or in general during the divorce proceedings, the less time the attorney will have to spend dealing with issues of which they were not aware. This may save you both time and money as the process goes on.

Ask the lawyer for their experience with the particular issues/problems you are facing. During the initial consultation you may hear information and advice you do not like or are not prepared to hear. The law deals with certain assumptions and parameters. A lawyer can only utilize the facts as they exist. Most importantly, be wary of a lawyer that tells you everything you wants to hear. In fact, if the lawyer tells you that you will gets everything you can wish for and more, they are not likely giving you an honest assessment of your case.

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