Good Bad Decisions

All of us make bad decisions. Some decisions may be worse than others and have more significant consequences.

The holidays are a time to sit back and relax or celebrate with friends and family; and to laugh, drink and eat lots of home-cooked food with the people you care about most.

With the holiday season only a day away, Owens & Perkins encourages you to exercise more caution and make good decisions, especially with drinking and driving. Arizona DUI Laws are stricter than ever and you do not want to get caught in that mess this holiday season.

The holiday season is not only a time to celebrate, but it is also when law enforcement officials set up DUI checkpoints across the valley.

AZ DUI checkpoints are temporary installations used by law enforcement to catch drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Police officers either stop every vehicle or use a specific pattern to stop certain cars on a public road to investigate if drivers are impaired.

If you catch yourself at a DUI checkpoint and you get arrested for a DUI in AZ this holiday season, call us immediately. We can help.